Easy page editing

It's easy to locate a page to edit, and the rich-text editor makes content updating very simple. Adding pages, links, images and videos can all be done from your web browser without technical or HTML knowledge.

Beautiful interface

The first thing you will notice is an entirely refreshed content management user interface. Developers will appreciate it is built on HTML5 and jQuery, but content authors will just love that they can do their work more quickly, using a beautiful user interface. 

A site can have any number of page types, each with their own editable fields, templates and behaviour. A developer can invent new types of fields and behaviour both in the CMS and for the public-facing website. This enables both the CMS and the website to be perfectly tailored to suit requirements.

The notion of a Draft and Published site enables you to save and preview your changes before the public see it.

Screen Shot of Silverstripe CMS Interface